On First Look The New Buell SuperTouring 1190 Disappoints

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The new Buell SuperTouring 1190 motorcycle was presented at the Daytona Bike Week last weekend, but you will never know about it from the American brand. Apart from a video on Instagram, the machine is practically absent from Buell’s marketing channels. The lack of a coordinated live product launch at an event and online can be forgiven by a small company with limited resources, but this forgiveness should not apply to the motorcycle itself.

“Lack of resources” is perhaps the best way to describe the new Buell SuperTouring 1190, since the motorcycle shown at Daytona is generously a little rough around the edges and is not what you would expect from a serious player in the motorcycle industry. Even before our first look at the Buell SuperTouring 1190, the new motorcycle was still a Buell 1190sx with pockets and windshield in its philosophy, so much information and representations that Buell shared before its presentation. However, no one expected that this would be so literal.

This new model seems to be exactly a Buell 1190sx, with additional support in the subframe for both saddlebags and a rudimentary front panel that houses two round headlights, an LED light bar and a windshield. A simple set of turning chisels added to the naked motorcycle model is nothing new in the motorcycle industry, and Aprilia is doing exactly the same with their base model of the Tuono v4 1100 sports motorcycle to make it easier to use. KTM goes one step further with its Super Duke GT model, which has a little more fairing and built-in pockets than the KTM 1290 Super Duke R, but at least all these options feel like professional efforts.

Buell’s SuperTouring 1190 looks as we expected from a customer garage, despite the claim that the look is from the famous designer Joey Ruiter, and judging by the comments on buell’s Instagram channel, we are not the only ones in this review.

Apart from any kind of aesthetic design, Buell also seems to have forgotten about the Ninja H2 SX when he propagated his claim to be “the fastest production touring bike on the market”, as the Japanese 197 hp motorcycle certainly seems to have the measure of Buell. While the marketing campaign boldly says that” Buell is back, ” one has to wonder if further action will lead to some kind of arrival of this famous American brand. The efforts of this weekend certainly raise new doubts.

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