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After the MotoGP test in Sepang, all eyes were on Ducati. Perhaps partly because they brought with them another technical innovation aimed at antagonizing competing manufacturers and stimulating the imagination of Fans and the media. We all talked about the high-altitude plane before Ducati.

This enthusiasm was supported by the fact that, according to Sepang, two Ducati were in the top three and three Ducati in the top six. If you take away the Aprilias (who had driven and tested for extra days during the Shakedown test), three Ducati were in the top four. Things seemed to be under pressure.

On the way to the Mandalika Tests, we expected Ducati’s dominance to continue. Luca Marini, who set the fastest time on the second day of the Mooney VR46 Desmosedici GP22, supported this idea. And yet, at the end of the three-day test, the idea that the year would be Ducati’s was much less obvious than a week earlier.

The Ducati has always been competitive. But if you look at the pace, the bikes are a fraction of the pace of the Honda, Fabio Quartararo and Suzukis. Pecco Bagnaia attributed this to the running in the middle rather than the soft stern, which makes it difficult to compare the time.

“Today it is difficult to say who was the fastest, because today was the worst tire in the middle class, but they will not take the road on the race weekend,” said the Ducati factory rider.

“So only [Luca] Marini and [Marco] Bezzecchi tested the racing simulation with the medium. And it was really difficult to do more laps because it was slippery and I slipped a lot. The soft was definitely superior, and everyone used soft. So when I look at my pace when I used the app, it’s very close to the fastest runners.”

It is difficult to verify Bagnaia’s claims that only he, Bezzecchi and Marini used the middle tail. Unlike regular race weekends, the tires used are not published in the official schedules. And the tires tested do not have the color code used on race weekends. It is common for Michelin technicians to tell drivers what other drivers are using. But outside the garages, this information is widespread.

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