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The Yamaha YZR – M1 and the Suzuki GSX-RR have a lot in common. Both are four-cylinder in-line machines, and both depend more on speed and maneuverability in turns than on absolute speed. And the drivers of both machines have long complained about the lack of speed.

Joan mir’s frustration with the Suzuki’s lack of performance was so great that he made an effort to seek solace elsewhere. “A lot of people are ending their contract and we are hoping to extend it or make another decision,” this year’s world champion said before the Sepang trials.

“Honestly, the test will be important for me. It will be important to understand everything. As a Suzuki rider, I feel comfortable here now, I feel at home, but it is true that a change at certain times can also be good. But at the moment I can’t talk about it anymore, since nothing has been decided yet. But let’s see.”

The biggest difference between Suzuki and Yamaha is that Joan Mir and Alex Rins expressed their happiness, while for Fabio Quartararo these complaints continued after the tests of Sepang and Mandalika. Unlike Yamaha, Suzuki had done an engine upgrade that was big enough to close the gap with Ducatis and Honda. They had also brought a third version of their rear elevation unit, which improved cornering performance and contributed more to acceleration.

And so Joan, much happier, left me sepang and started the Mandalika test, before intestinal problems were detected in her on the last day. “Today was an important day to understand the potential of the engine, as the electronics ran much better and I was able to be quite fast and very consistent during the tour. That’s really good,” he told me to Sepang. The new speed made a big difference. “We are close, we are happy,” he told me. “We have significantly improved our top speed, we are in the middle, which is really very important. Because we know that we have a fast road bike.”

“But still with the Ducati and these guys with the engine we had, it was hard to overtake. The same story is always a bit difficult at every race. So a little more strength is a big help for me. And I hope to be far superior with this advantage.”Alex Rins did the same. “What impressed me the most during these tests was the engine,” he said after the Mandalika test.

“I mean, it’s not easy to put more power into the engine and maintain the same “responsiveness” of the engine. Sometimes it takes a while to master the gas pedal properly, but honestly the engine was pretty good in Jerez, Malaysia and here.”

Compare that with the words of Fabio Quartararo after testing with the new Yamaha. “There’s something really big that hasn’t been found, to be honest!”exclaimed the world champion, before continuing to say that he would not focus on this, but rather look at what he has, rather than what he does not have. A solid psychological strategy. However, this is not a sign of great confidence in your bike.

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