KTM 890 Duke Gp Unleashes Bold New Graphics

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The surprising debut of two new 890 Duke models at KTM was quite disappointing, because today we are taking a first look at the KTM 890 Duke GP. What does the KTM 890 Duke GP have with these two extra letters at the end of its name? A little bit of orange color.

We’re not entirely sure if the “bold new graphics” justify a separate model designation in the KTM lineup, especially if the KTM 890 Duke R becomes a popular track and road bike tool and may use a kit for that purpose, but here we are. The Austrians, of course, see the world differently and paint their world with an orange brush. The most important sales items of the KTM 890 Duke GP therefore include a “GP-derived paintwork” (strabismus and you’ll see) as well as a new passenger seat cover. Pretty disappointing.

But the good news is that the ktm 890 Duke GP motorcycle is powered by the same 890 cm3 parallel motor that can also be found on the rest of the 890 Duke base model. This means that 114 hp (85 kW) with a torque of 92 Nm (69 lb•ft) are cut off from the engine, packed in a bicycle weighing 169 kg (373 lb) without fuel.

The dynamic and fun engine is equipped with a light and maneuverable suspension, which turns the KTM 890 Duke and its offspring into powerful weapons on the road, in the guns and on the racetrack. Don’t get me wrong, the KTM 890 Duke is still one of our most popular sport bikes on the market and offers riders excellent value for money. Still, we don’t know what’s going on with these versions of the 890 Duke in KTM’s marketing department; the GP name is a particularly interesting move.

The motorcycle presented today is a small mistake in terms of significant performance, but I hope that some of the lost expectations, which will certainly be expressed in the comments below, will show KTM that there are 890 Duke riders who want a race-ready version of this machine. Nothing is known about the price and availability yet, but we would expect a slight improvement over the basic KTM 890 Duke model on which this mode is based.

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