Honda Revolutionary Upgrade Reshapes the Motogp Season


Drive 390 km at the authorized speed on the motorcycle road and you will know more. Spend the same distance on a MotoGP bike and push the effort and intensity necessary to make the Tests useful, and you will feel a completely different level of pain and discomfort. This is what the photo of the leader of the LCR Honda team, Lucio Cecchinello, shows of Nakagami’s tired hands on Instagram.

The Mandalika test was very different from the Sepang Test. The second Pre-Season Test is common, especially if it takes place on a track that should appear on the calendar at the beginning of the Season.

The first Test of the year, usually in Sepang, is where the factories deploy the experimental things they worked on in the winter. If you are a Fan of new technologies, Sepang is the place to go. In the second Test of the year, the factories are focusing on improving what they have. The first Test is to test new parts and make a choice. The second test aims to determine how the new parts can be optimally used and integrated into a basic working configuration.

The second Test took place in Qatar in the past, on the track where the start of the season was supposed to take place. This encourages teams and factories to refine their configuration for this race. During the second Mandalika test this year, the installation work went a little differently, but many teams and drivers still worked to prepare their configuration for the race, which will take place here on March 20. So instead of preparing for the first race, they prepared for the second.

The Mandalika test may not have seen many new parts, but there was still a lot to learn by watching carefully and listening. In the coming days, after the MotoGP pre-season, I will publish a summary of the location of each factory. We will start with the surprise pack of the group, Honda.

We talked a lot about the difference in the middle of the Honda RV 213v and previous iterations. The director of the HRC, Tetsuhiro Kuwata, described the concept as “Escaping from our shell.”And if you look at the differences, you can get an idea of what he means. The purpose of the motorcycle changed in the pursuit of greater grip, which meant a greater weight balance at the rear, a different character of the engine and, consequently, the electronics, a different engine crankcase, which in turn meant a different chassis and, consequently, a different set of trim and aerodynamics.

This is a massive change. “I think this is the biggest change we’ve seen in the current regulatory period,” Kuwata said. The redesign was an accidental benefit of forced dismissal due to recent weather conditions. With the development of the engines frozen for this year and this Season, HRC had enough time to analyze the bike in much more detail. Instead of limiting yourself to incremental changes, you can take a step back and try a much larger redesign.

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